Exercise for Men Over 50

Physical fitness is an important aspect of anyone’s life, but it’s especially important as people age. The American Academy of Sports medicine recommends 2 to 3 days of strength training as a good form of exercise for men. In addition, 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity most days of the week can help men improve their cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, a consistent stretching routine can improve tone and balance while helping to increase flexibility and preventing risk of injury.

Home exercise programs can be a good way to get in these various forms of exercise for men over 50. Gyms can be expensive and often intimidating, while home fitness allows men to work out in the privacy of their own homes. Who wants to walk into a gym full of a bunch of twenty somethings and try to fit in. Over 50, your health and fitness needs are much different from those in their twenties. The routines you need to do and the amount of weight you are going to lifting are nowhere near what they were when you were younger.

Exercise for men can have many extra benefits as well, including an improved mood, more energy, increased ease managing weight, more control over certain health conditions, and even an improved sex life. And all these benefits can be gained with home exercise programs! Depending on your goals, your diet may also need to be adjusted.

A typical diet for those over 50 usually contains 50-55% carbohydrates, 20-30% proteins and 20-30% fats. Increasing your protein intake while lowering your carbohydrate and fat levels, will result in quicker weight loss and increased metabolism levels.

Any program of exercise for men over 50 should include a visit to their doctor to get the go-ahead. They may need to adjust or modify their workout to accommodate their own personal health needs. It’s also important to begin slowly, including a good warm up and cool down in each workout, to reduce the risk of injury. Finally, they should pay attention to their bodies. Pain is not necessarily a good thing in any fitness program including home fitness programs. In fact, particularly as they age, it could be their bodies’ warning them that something is wrong.

A man over the age of 50 may not have the body he had used ab circle pro when he was 20, but that does not mean he should give up exercise. He’ll live a longer, healthier, richer life by keeping active and fit. A home exercise program including aerobic exercise for cardiovascular fitness, strength training to maintain muscle mass, and stretching for flexibility and tone, will keep him fit throughout the rest of his life.

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